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xPort | Stand-Alone Batch Exporter Utility

xPort module is a stand-alone (.exe) application which is utilizing SOLIDWORKS eDrawings to publish the files to a list of formats.

It is required to have eDrawings Viewer installed to use the tool, but it is not required to have SOLIDWORKS application installed. Download eDrawings by following the link

Currently xPort only works with eDrawings 2020

The following output formats are supported:

  • eDrawings Files (*.eprt, *.easm, *.edrw)
  • eDrawings Zip Files (*.zip)
  • eDrawings Executable Files (*.exe)
  • eDrawings Web Html Files (*.html)
  • eDrawings ActiveX Html Files (*.htm)
  • Stereolithography Files (*.stl)
  • Bitmap Files (*.bmp)
  • TIFF Image Files (*.tif)
  • JPEG Image Files (*.jpg)
  • PNG Image Files (*.png)
  • GIF Image Files (*.gif)
  • PDF Files (*.pdf). This option is currently EXPERIMENTAL. This option is not stable. Refer issues #12 - PDF output is not consistent and #15 - PDF export is corrupt\zero size


  • xPort will automatically hide all the popup messages if any are shown thus allowing the automated exports without the need of user interventions.
  • xPort will process all sub-folders if folder(s) is specified as an input
  • Output files will be named after input files. If file already exists, index will be added to the file name, e.g. File (1).html, File (2).html

After installation of CAD+ Toolset, xPort application can be found in the Windows Start Menu.

xPort application in the Windows start menu
xPort application in the Windows start menu

xPort provides user interface and command line interface for configuring the publishing job.

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