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Command line for running and configuring Batch+

Command line output of Batch+
Command line output of Batch+

batchplus.exe can be found in the installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Xarial\CAD+ Toolset\batchplus.exe).

Refer the list of available arguments below. Use -- symbol to use arguments. Use --help argument to display help i the console.

For example the below command will open all SOLIDWORKS part files from the D:\Demo\Batch\Models folder and run 2 macros: Macro1.swp and Macro2.swp. SOLIDWORKS 2020 will be started silently and in the background.

> batchplus.exe -i "D:\Demo\Batch\Models" -f "*.sldprt*" -e -m "D:\Demo\Batch\Macros\Macro1.swp" "D:\Demo\Batch\Macros\Macro2.swp" -s silent background -v 2020

Run job with input parameters

Job can be created dynamically with specified input parameters and settings.

Short Flag Flag Required Summary
-i --input Yes List of input directories or file paths to process. These are files which can be opened by SOLIDWORKS (e.g. SOLIDWORKS files, CATIA, STEP, DXF/DWG, etc.)
-m --macros Yes List of macros to run: VBA macros (*.swp or .swb) and VSTA macros (.dll) are supported
-f --filter No Filter to extract input files, if input parameter contains directories
-e --error No If this option is used export will continue if any of the files or formats failed to process, otherwise the export will terminate
-t --timeout No Timeout in seconds for processing a single file (e.g. opening the file and running the macros)")]
-s --startup No Specifies the startup options (silent, background, safe) for the host application. Multiple option can be used
-b --batch No Maximum number of files to process in the single session of CAD application before restarting
-v --hostversion No Version of SOLIDWORKS application. Use one of the following formats: 2020, Sw2020, SOLIDWORKS 2020. If this option is not specified than the oldest version installed on this system will be used.
-o --open No Specifies options (silent, readonly, rapid, invisible) for the file opening. Default: silent

Run existing job

Use job verb with the below parameters to run existing *.bpj file from the command line

> batchplus.exe job --run D:\sample.bpj
Short Flag Flag Required Summary
-r --run Yes Full path to *.bpj file to run

Start with initial document

Batch+ user interface can be started with initial document. Use file verb with the below parameters to start interface with pre-opened file.

> batchplus.exe file --new
Short Flag Flag Required Summary
-n --new No Starts application and creates new file
-o --open No Starts application and opens specified file

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