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Paint calculation feature for BOM items

Calculate Paint Area is an experimental module in CAD+ Toolset that allows calculating the painting area of the geometry based on the specified painting directions.

This module is a part of Premium edition that is currently available in the Community edition while in the experimental stage

Preview of calculated painting
Preview of calculated painting

The painting area is calculated by simulating the spraying of the pain in the nominated directions

Calculate Paint Area Property Manager Page
Calculate Paint Area Property Manager Page

  1. Spacing between rays to calculate paint area
  2. Directions to use for calculating the area
  3. Custom sketches to use for paining calculations
  4. Selection of component to use for hte pain calculations
  5. Faces of hte geometry which wil be fully painted
  6. Number of rays to calculate the paint. For performance reasons, it is recommended to keep this value below 20,000 by changing the value of the spacing between rays
  7. Calculated paint area
  8. Button to recalculate the paint area
  9. Option to use document units
  10. Option to use custom units
  11. Custom units
  12. Units decimals for the custom units
  13. Name of the custom property to output calculated area
  14. Output value to the configuration-specific custom property
  15. Copy the calculated value to the clipboard
  16. Write the calculated value to the custom property
  17. Cancel the calculations

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