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Managing SOLIDWORKS non-modeled items library in BOM+

Non-modeled item of BOM+ defined by the file containing the information about the item (name, preview, properties, configurations, etc.).

Collection of the files defining the library. Library is located at %localappdata%\Xarial\CADPlusToolset\ItemsLibrary folder

Items library folder
Items library folder

Items can be organized in categories by placing then in the folders and sub-folders.

Custom icon can be assigned to the category by placing the icon.png file in the folder

New item definition can be created by calling the corresponding command in the context menu in Windows File Explorer

Creating new item definition file
Creating new item definition file

Double click the file to open the item definition editor

Definition Editor

Item definition editor
Item definition editor

  1. Row to define default properties for the item
  2. Row to define configuration (variant) for the item. Any property can be overridden in the configuration
  3. Column for names for items and configurations
  4. Part number of the item
  5. Custom properties for the item. Use the context menu to add or remove properties
  6. Special column to define the formula to calculate the quantity of the item based on the the attached entity
  7. Property without value (it is assumed that the value is overridden in the configurations)
  8. Icon of the item to show in the items tree. If not specified - icon of hte item category is used.
  9. Preview of the item to be shown when mouse hovers the item in the library tree and Bill Of Materials
  10. Filter of accepted entities for this item to be attached to
  11. Command to reset all internal ids for items. Use this command if item file has been copied as item must have unique ids
  12. Path to the item file
  13. Save command to save changes in the current item definition


Item Definition editor backstage menu
Item Definition editor backstage menu

  1. Import data from external file. SOLIDWORKS Part files can be used as an input. In this case all part custom properties and configurations will be converted to the corresponding non-modeled item data.

  2. Save current item definition

  3. Save this item definition as new file

    If file is saved to the same library, the ids need to be regenerated otherwise error will occur while loading the library.

  4. Manage license

  5. Register or Buy the copy of CAD+ Toolset

  6. Check for updates (enable/disable auto updates)

  7. Open help page

  8. Open about dialog

Quantity Formula

BOM+ allows to define the dynamic formula for calculating the quantity of the item, based on the parameter of the entity it is attached to. Formula cell is using Expression Box and supports Formulas

Formula editor
Formula editor

For example it is possible to use the area or the face to calculate the paining area for the paint item.

Simple mathematic formulas can be used for the calculation.

The following variables can be used in the formula:

  • Area - Surface area in m^2 (available for face and body)
  • Volume - Solid volume in m^3 (available for body)
  • Diameter - Diameter in m (available for circular edge, sketch arc, cylindrical face)
  • Length - Length in m (available for edge, sketch segment )

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