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CAD+ Toolset integrtion with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

CAD+ Enables the integration of Batch+ and eXport+ modules into SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vaults as Task Add-ins. Task add-in can be run on-demand from the context menu or automatically as a part of PDM workflow.


Run the CAD+ for SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool from the Windows start menu (cadplusswpdmadministration.exe)

CAD+ SOLIDWORKS PDM administration panel
CAD+ SOLIDWORKS PDM administration panel

Select the vault where the CAD+ Toolset needs to be installed.

Tool will show the current status of the add-in (not installed, up-to-date, requires update)

Click Install, Upgrade or Downgrade buttons to change the add-in state.

Accept the following warning from the PDM. This warning indicates that client machines need to be restarted if the version of add-in is changed (e.g. upgraded or downgraded)

Add-in installation PDM warning
Add-in installation PDM warning

Multiple versions of the add-in will not work correctly in different PDM vaults. It is recommended to always have the same version of CAD+ Toolset in all vaults

Add-in can be uninstalled from the CAD+ for SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool or by deleting the add-in from the PDM Administration

Creating New Task

New task can be created from teh PDM Administration panel under the Tasks node

Create new CAD+ PDM Task
Create new CAD+ PDM Task

  1. Add new task from the context menu
  2. Select CAD+ Toolset from the Add-In drop-down list
  3. Select the CAD+ Task
  4. Configure task parameters

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