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Macro+ framework for managing VBA macro arguments in CAD+

Macro+ framework enables the communication between the macro and the running environment. Currently, Macro+ framework is enabled in the following modules:

Macro+ enables an access via VBA Macros and .NET xCAD Macros. In both cases teh same functionalities are available:

  • Reading the arguments passed by the user
  • Accessing the pointer to the document the macro is run on
  • Creating the files results
  • Setting the custom user result
  • Logging the message
  • Logging trace message
  • Reporting the issues (error, warning, comment)

Find examples of Macro+ here


Use can pass custom arguments to the macro via Macro+ framework. Argument can be either a static text or an expression which will be resolved at runtime

Arguments panel
Arguments panel

  1. Free text argument
  2. Arguments with variables in the Expression Box control
  3. Copy the arguments to the clipboard
  4. Paste arguments from the clipboard

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