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SOLIDWORKS utilities for improving your productivity in SOLIDWORKS. Automate properties, geometry, export and much more

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Properties+ for SOLIDWORKS integration

Properties+ functionality can be opened directly from SOLIDWORKS by invoking the corresponding command in the menu, toolbar or command tab box.

Properties grid menu command
Properties grid menu command

Command is available for parts, assemblies and drawings.

Properties can be loaded for resolved assemblies as well as lightweight and assemblies opened in the Large Design Review mode

Property grid property manager page
Property grid property manager page

  1. Source of the files
    • Selection - load properties from the selected components
    • This Document Only - load properties for the active document only
    • Top Level References - load properties for the active document and all top level children
    • All References - load properties for the active document and all references
  2. Components to load properties from if source is set to Selection
  3. Load properties for the document only (Custom tab)
  4. Load properties for all configurations (configuration-specific properties)
  5. Load properties for cut-list items (weldment and sheet metals)
  6. Expand all items with one click
  7. Collapse all items with one click
  8. Hide selected properties columns
  9. Show all hidden properties columns
  10. Add new property
  11. Remove selected properties
  12. Revert non-saved changes of the selected properties
  13. Export formula expressions to the Excel file
  14. Import custom properties from the Excel file
  15. Export resolved property value to the Excel file
  16. Save all changes to the files and close page
  17. Close page without saving the changes
  18. Pin the current page which allows to write properties with page open
  19. Properties grid loaded as per the current options

Property grid is displayed in the graphics area.

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