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Managing SOLIDWORKS custom properties in a batch mode

This module allows to add, remove or modify custom properties for SOLIDWORKS files, configurations and cut-list items in a batch mode.

Properties can be modified from within the active SOLIDWORKS document: part, assembly or drawing or from Stand-Alone Windows File Explorer integration

Managing custom properties in the Properties grid

Properties Grid
Properties Grid

  1. First column lists the source items whose custom properties are extracted, this includes SOLIDWORKS files (parts, assemblies and drawings), configurations and cut-list items.
  2. Active configuration of the model is highlighted with bold font
  3. All columns starting from the second represent the corresponding custom property
  4. Check box in the column allows to specify the scope for the Remove or Revert commands
  5. Current value of the custom property. Double click to edit the value. For the values which derive from the formula (e.g. "SW-MASS"), formula will be displayed when editing the value.
  6. Indicates that this custom property is not present in the specified item
  7. Indicates that property value has been modified in the grid, but not yet saved to the document
  8. Indicates that this property will be added (new property) to the model once saved
  9. Indicates that this property will be deleted from the model once saved
  10. Indicates that the property has error either on loading or saving. Hover the mouse over the exclamation mark icon to get more information about the error.
  11. Indicates that current file is read-only and properties cannot be modified in this file.
  12. Row index

Hover the mouse over the item icon in the first column to see full path and preview

Preview and full path of the file
Preview and full path of the file

It is possible to browse to the file in the Windows File Explorer by selecting the Open In File Explorer command in the right-mouse button context menu.

Context menu of the properties item
Context menu of the properties item

When inspecting and modifying the properties it might be beneficial to mark rows. Click on the row header to highlight or remove the highlighting from the row.

Highlighted properties row
Highlighted properties row

For the files, configurations or cut-list items which were not loaded, row will be marked as red and all cells will be marked as N/A. Hover the mouse over the exclamation icon to see the details about the errors.

Rows with errors
Rows with errors

Copying Cell Values

It is possible to select multiple cell values and click ctrl+C combination of keys to copy the properties expressions. In order to copy the evaluated values use ctrl+alt+C combination of keys.

Copied values can be pasted into the Excel for editing and viewing.

Values form the Excel cells can be pasted into the selected cells in the properties grid by using ctrl+V keys combination.

Managing custom properties using Excel

In some cases it might be beneficial and easier to review and modify the properties within the Excel spreadsheet instead of the built-in grid.

Resolved property values or expressions can be exported into the Excel file.

Cell values will have different color code to reflect the state of the property as shown below.

Properties list in the Excel
Properties list in the Excel

  1. Row index
  2. Type of the item. This is a first column with orange background. There are 3 type of items
    • Document (blue foreground) corresponds to the file custom properties (Custom tab)
    • Configuration (green foreground) corresponds to the configuration specific custom properties
    • CutList (brown foreground) corresponds to the cut-list custom properties
  3. Name of the specific item (file path, configuration or cut-list name)
  4. Failed items (for example file which cannot be read) are marked with red foreground
  5. Name of the custom property
  6. Property value with no background (no fill)
  7. Gray background indicates that the property is not present in the specified item. To modify this property when importing to Properties+, it is required to remove the background (no fill) to the cell, otherwise the value will be ignored
  8. Blue background of the cell indicates that the values are not applicable (for example corresponds to the file which cannot be read)

It is possible to modify the properties and import the changes back to the Properties+

Order of columns and rows of the Excel file to import must match the originally exported Excel file. If rows ordering or filtering have been applied during the modification of Excel - filters should be cleared and rows ordered by first column (#).

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