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SOLIDWORKS utilities for improving your productivity in SOLIDWORKS. Automate properties, geometry, export and much more

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CAD+ Toolset extensibility via .NET (CAD++)

CAD+ can be extended using C# and VB.NET via CAD++ framework. It is possible to create custom modules and access existing modules for the automation.

Extension is possible by accessing the APIs of other modules or replacing the services in the Dependency Injection containers

Creating Module Project

In order to register custom module

  • Create new type library
  • Add reference to the Xarial.CadPlusPlus nuget package
  • Create public class implementing IModule
  • Decorate the class with ModuleAttribute attribute. It is possible to customize filtering for the module (e.g. what host and application it supports)
  • Set the target framework to NET Framework v4.7.2
  • Compile the dll with .Module.dll suffix into the %localappdata%\Xarial\CADPlusToolset\Plus\[Module Name] folder

Example of *.csproj or *.vbproj files


//Custom logger
public class MyLogger : IXLogger
    public void Log(string msg, LoggerMessageSeverity_e severity = LoggerMessageSeverity_e.Information)
        //TODO: implement logging

//Module is evailable in CAD Extension host (e.g. SOLIDWORKS add-in)
public class MyModule : IModule
    //Method is called when module is loaded and host is initiated
    public void Init(IHost host)
        host.ConfigureServices += OnConfigureServices;
        host.Initialized += OnHostInitialized;

    //Configure custom services or override existing
    private void OnConfigureServices(IContainerBuilder builder)
        //overwriting the default logger with custom one
        builder.Register<IXLogger, MyLogger>(RegistrationConflictResolveStrategy_e.Replace);

    //Called when host and all its modules initialized
    private void OnHostInitialized(IApplication app, IServiceProvider svcProvider, IModuleCollection modules)
        //accessing APIs of modules
        var toolbarPlus = modules.Get<IToolbarModule>();
        var propertiesPlus = modules.Get<IPropertiesModule>();
        var qrCodePlus = modules.Get<IDrawingQrCodeModule>();
        var flatPatternPlus = modules.Get<IDrawingFlatPatternExportModule>();
        var bomPlus = modules.Get<IBomModule>();

        //accessing services
        var excelWriter = svcProvider.GetService<IExcelWriter>();
        var msgSvc = svcProvider.GetService<IMessageService>();
        var logger = svcProvider.GetService<IXLogger>();

    //Called when module is unloading
    public void Dispose()

Find module implementation examples here

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