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CAD+ Toolset
CAD+ Toolset

CAD+ Toolset (Beta) application complements functionality of SOLIDWORKS by enabling additional toolsets. Application allows to automate various areas of SOLIDWORKS application. This includes but not limited to custom properties automation, geometry features, custom toolbars, export and import capabilities etc.


CAD+ Toolset is packaged in 2 editions:

  • Community Edition. Free and open source version of the application. Source code is available on the GitHub. Community edition can also be used for commercial use.

  • Professional Edition. Paid version of the application. Provides additional features and benefits.

Please see the table below for the list of features and their availability in the specific editions.

Feature Community Edition Professional Edition
xPort User Interface 🗸 🗸
xPort Command Line 🗸 🗸
Custom Toolbar 🗸 🗸
More features coming soon...


Community Edition can be downloaded by filling the following request form. Download URL will be e-mailed to the specified e-mail address.

Professional Edition is not yet available for download.


Enhancement requests and bug reports can be submitted via ticketing system. See the list of open issues.

You can vote for the ticket by adding the thumb up to the ticket description:

Voting for the enhancement request
Voting for the enhancement request

Tickets will be prioritized based on the votes.

We will try to include the tickets raised by the community to a free Community edition, however we cannot guarantee this and the implemented feature can be added to the Professional Edition

You can also contact the development team by sending e-mail directly to

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