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SOLIDWORKS utilities for improving your productivity in SOLIDWORKS. Automate properties, geometry, export and much more

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Managing SOLIDWORKS BOM using integrated BOM+

BOM+ functionality can be opened directly from SOLIDWORKS by invoking the corresponding command in the menu or toolbar

BOM+ menu commands
BOM+ menu commands

Viewing Bill Of Materials

Bill Of Materials table can be generated by clicking the View BOM command

View BOM Property Manager page
View BOM Property Manager page

  1. Bill Of Materials template drop-down
  2. Open the BOM templates file location
  3. Reload BOM templates if were modified
  4. Toggle to show/hide the root item in the BOM
  5. Expand all items in the BOM
  6. Collapse all items in the BOM
  7. Export current Bill of Materials to external file
  8. Close Property Manager page

Non-Modeled Items

Non-modeled items can be inserted by clicking the Insert Item command from the menu or toolbar. The Enable Items Environment option in the Library needs to be checked to enable the support for the items.

Insert Item Property Manager Page
Insert Item Property Manager Page

  1. Items Library browser

  2. Item configuration to insert

  3. Item preview

  4. Entity to attach item to. This selection box will consider the filter specified in the item definition

  5. Option to overwrite the quantity of the item

  6. Option to insert multiple items in a single operation. If this option is activate it is possible to select multiple entities to batch insert items and associate with each entity

    Multi-insertion of items
    Multi-insertion of items

  7. List of properties of the selected item and configuration

  8. Insert items as per the specified settings

  9. Close the page

  10. Keep the page open after the insertion of the items

Items will not be inserted directly into the Feature Manager tree, rather will be available in the specific Items tab in the Feature Manager panel.

Non-modeled items tree
Non-modeled items tree

If item is associated with the SOLIDWORKS entity - it will be highlighted once item is selected.

Item can be edited, remove or suppressed.


Items library can be accessed by clicking the Items Library Manager command.

Library will be displayed in the Task Pane

Items library manager task pane
Items library manager task pane

  1. Task pane tab with items manager
  2. Items environment enable option
  3. Library of items
  4. Item is attached to the entity (e.g. face, body etc.)
  5. Reload library if was modified
  6. Open the library folder in the Windows File Explorer
  7. Open help page
  8. Close the task panel panel

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