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CAD+ v0.6 Beta

CAD+ Beta
CAD+ Beta

Welcome to the private Beta of CAD+ Toolset version 0.6 for SOLIDWORKS. This version is the largest incremental release of CAD+ and brings many new features to the toolset. In addition to our free community edition, we are introducing modules in Standard and Professional packages.

If you want to participate in Beta testing, please e-mail us as

Please see below the most notable new features and enhancements introduced in the new version of CAD+.


Batch+ is a part of CAD+ community edition (free) and it has been improved with a couple of additional features:

  • Order input files based on the dependencies. This allows processing the files from children to parents or vice-versa. This is especially useful in PDM environments which ensures that final models are up-to-date
  • Reference extractor allows to easily look up all referenced documents of input files, including the referenced drawings, and include those into the job

Batch+ for assemblies

Batch+ for assemblies has been improved. The revised user interface allows listing the files which will be processed. It is now also possible to specify options on loading documents, such as read-only or rapid mode. And similar to Batch+ stand-alone it is possible to arrange the files based on dependency and extract referenced documents and drawings

QR Code Generator in Drawing+

Drawing+ module enables an option to insert QR code directly into the drawing document. QR code can encode custom property value, file name, custom data, and SOLIDWORKS PDM and Web2 hyperlinks. QR Code generator module is a part of the free community edition.

Export Mass Properties in Assembly+

Export Mass Properties module of Assembly+ allows generating an Excel report of mass properties (mass, volume, surface area, moment of inertia, center of gravity, etc.) of all (or selected) components in the assembly. This module is a part of the Standard edition of CAD+.

BOM Manager in BOM+

BOM viewer is a part of BOM+ and allows to read the BOM in an easy-to-use interface from the assembly (including lightweight and assembly loaded in the Large Design Review mode) as well as directly from Windows File Explorer. Flexible options enable the ability to generate different representations of an assembly structure. BOM can be exported to various formats (.xml, .json, .csv and .xlsx). This module is a part of the Professional package.

Non-modeled items in BOM+

BOM+ offers a unique way of managing non-modeled items (e.g. consumables, paints, raw materials, documentation etc.) and hardware components by allowing to attach lightweight metadata to SOLIDWORKS files and entities preserving an accurate Bill Of Materials. This module is a part of the Professional package.


Properties+ module is a part of the Standard package of CAD+ and provides a simple way to batch manage SOLIDWORKS custom properties of files, configurations, and cut-lists. The functionality is available in documents loaded in SOLIDWORKS sessions, lightweight and Large Design Review assemblies, and directly from the Windows File Explorer.


The product has been thoroughly tested before releasing a Beta version, however, there is a higher chance of malfunction in the Beta version compared to the release version. We strongly recommend to trial the Beta version of the product with test data in a sandbox environment where applicable.

In order to optimize the bug fixing and bug capturing process, CAD+ enables detailed logging into Windows Event Viewer. It can be accessed by typing Event Viewer into the Windows start menu:

Event viewer
Event viewer

CAD+ logs will be displayed under the Xarial category.

Event viewer logs
Event viewer logs

CAD+ supports several levels of logging. By default, only critical messages will be logged. But during the Beta testing period, it is recommended to enable verbose logging, so more messages will be output. In order to enable verbose logging, Download verbose logs settings file and place it into the %localappdata%\Xarial\CADPlusToolset directory.

We would appreciate any feedback, including the problem reports or enhancement requests. Please contact us via e-mail at or submit tickets directly to GitHub.

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