CAD+ Toolset | Utilities for SOLIDWORKS automation
SOLIDWORKS utilities for improving your productivity in SOLIDWORKS. Automate properties, geometry, export and much more

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CAD+ Toolset Registration

Thank you for using CAD+ Toolset. We hope the tool is helping you to streamline your business process. We would appreciate if you register your copy of the software as this would help us to further develop the tool and organize development resources.

Please read our FAQ for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail for any inquiries.


Can I continue to use unregistered version of CAD+ Toolset?

Yes, you can continue to use your copy of the software including for commercial purpose without registration. However the registration popup will be displayed every time software is loaded. We have introduced the deferred registration process to simplify the process of evaluating the software to ensure it fits your goals so no registration is required to download, install and use the product. However we would appreciate if you register your copy once evaluation is complete.

Why do I need to register my copy of the product?

CAD+ Toolset community edition is a free software designed to benefit community of CAD users. It is very important for us to have a better picture regarding the user based and understand how the product is used so we can invest more time and extend functionality which is in demand.

Would I be contacted by Xarial via e-mail?

We might occasionally send you e-mails regarding your experience with the tool, this includes but not limited to notifications about updates, request for feedback etc. We are greatly appreciate your time and feedback and will not spam you with unnecessary marketing materials and only send e-mails which will help to improve the quality of the product and thus your business process.

Can I install CAD+ Toolset for multiple machines?

We support site licenses for 5 or more users of Standard, Professional or Premium edition. For Community licenses registration needs to be performed on individual machines. Please contact us via e-mail for more information or alternative options.

Can I transfer my license to different machine?

License of CAD+ Toolset is attached to the unique hardware key and cannot be transferred to other machine. Please request new licence via e-mail

How do I provide a feedback or request new functionality?

We would like to hear from you regarding your experience with the product. Please submit your bug report or enhancement request directly on GitHub Issues or contact us via e-mail.

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